👉🏻 Are you scaling at a rate that is putting a strain on your current leaders?

👉🏻 Are you wanting to develop high potential future leaders, but don't have the bandwidth or resources?

 Are you looking to a way to keep top talent with career development and opportunities for growth?

👉🏻 Are you trying to decide whether to bring in established leaders from the outside or hire from within?


🔥 Perfect!!  That's why Coach D's Team Lead Program is so popular for startups just like yours.  With this program you build a steady stream of qualified, hungry leaders that fit your company culture.  You retain top talent by presenting opportunities for consistent growth.

This Program will give you EVERYTHING you need build a leadership funnel and culture of growth and opportunity.


My Quick Story: My name is Dwight (Coach D) and I have always had a passion for building up leaders.  From writing a thesis on Millennials and their preparedness for management and leadership to interviewing young leaders for a leadership project called Generation Young Leaders to getting my MBA from CU Denver in Organizational Leadership, to watching my dad lead teams as a Colonel in the US Air Force.  Leadership has been apart of my life forever and in order to set young leaders up for success, we have to have a clear path and structure process to help them grow into their full potential.  While at Trulia for four years, we (Sean Murphy, Greg Bland, and others) developed a Team Lead Program that with a 60% promotion rate, scaling across three offices and over 30 Team Leads.  I still hear about the successes of that program and the lives it changed as a result.

I have since built Team Lead Programs for other startups and my wife even established the Team Lead Program as the Deputy Attorney General of Colorado and they are thriving! 

You may not know it, but when you grow 10 employees per manager, it's time to start building a Team Lead Program.  Don't wait until 15 or 20 per team, because you'll start to lose top talent.  Start NOW!

Coach D's Team Lead Program comes with a Playbook | Binder with clear instructions and a walk-through video (hard and virtual copy)
Here's why clients LOVE Coach D's Team Lead Program:
  • Support Your Growth
  • Increase Revenue
  • Support for Current Leadership
  • Build Your Bench
  • Retain Top Talent
  • Career Growth and Development
  • Engagement
This program is 100% GUARANTEED!

Included in the Team Lead Program with Coach D:

Creating a sustainable program takes structure and starts with the fundamentals.  We build upon 3 pillars: 
  • Expectations:
    • Outline
    • Roles
    • Compensation
    • Responsibilities
  • Tools:
    • Binder
    • Business Plan
    • Coaching Forms
    • Sample Calendars
  • Development:
    • Leadership Development Courses
    • Coaching & Mentorship
    • Career Growth
    • Exposure to Leadership
This model works and it's the foundation that I've used for Startups including Trulia, Zillow, Pie Insurance, and many others.

What I offer:

  • Program Development
    1. Definition of business objectives, baselines, and KPIs, competencies
    2. Collaborate with leaders to develop a customized Team Lead Program suited to your specific needs
    3. Agenda and Deliverables
    • Program implementation and evaluation (including reporting on results)
  • Online Training Resources (shown above)
    1. Online Course and Curriculum Development
    2. Video Creation and Editing
    3. LMS Management 
  • Training Tools
    1. Customized Virtual Binder
    2. Job Aids & Templates
  • Training Evaluation
    1. Testing
    2. Ensuring competencies are mastered
    3. Scorecards and tracking
  • Facilitation
    1. In-Person/ Virtual/ Remote/ Zoom
    2. Top Rated, Award-Winning Facilitator
  • Coaching
    1. Coaching is available to help free-up leaders
Clear expectations and deliverables are mapped out from the beginning to establish a solid foundation and mutual understanding.
Team Leads will walk away with simple tools and frameworks they can implement immediately to elevate their leadership skills.


"Dwight is great! Not only is he so energetic and so excited, he's very organized and gets to know the systems like he work with them everyday! If you are looking for a consultant for your company, he is THE BEST!"

— Seika Omine
Customer Success Team Lead, Pie Insurance
“Dwight is a delight to work with! He is an excellent listener and is meticulously organized. Dwight will go above and beyond to revamp your training program and make your team members more knowledgeable and efficient! I highly recommend working with Dwight for any and all training needs."

— Dina Bardakh
Member Success Team Trainer, Hotel Engine
“Dwight is a passionate, high energy leader who naturally brings those around him to another level. He is a great speaker/presenter who centers his training around collaboration and breaks things down to a level that everyone can understand. Dwight’s ability to relate to others, his focus on the details, and his passion are what make him dynamic in training and people leadership roles. In short, Dwight puts the 'Bomb' in 'Bomb-Diggity'!”

— Marty Baldwin
Director of Inside Sales, Westcon-Comstor, North America


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